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Van Lansingh @ German Sports University (Cologne, Germany)

May - August, 2018

E-mail from Van (2019, BS in Sport Management) (September 25, 2018) -GSU is more than what I could have asked for a sports management exchange program. Located in the heart of Europe, this sports specific University is a dream come true for any student majoring in sports or exercise. The classes range from practical classes and skill evaluation in sports to economics and politics as well as advanced laboratory classes.

The exchange program itself at GSU is molded for international students. The classes are all in English and normally end by Thursday to allow students to travel. Not only that, but these courses are taught by local professors and professors from their partner universities from all over the world.

Just one hour away from the tri-border with Belgium and The Netherlands, Cologne is one of the most international cities of Germany. My exchange program consisted of 45 students from over 20 nationalities, allowing me to speak 4 languages every single day. These people certainly became my closest friends and even family. I traveled with them around Europe and experienced the positive and negative aspects of travelling in foreign countries, but always forging unforgettable memories.

Overall, I went to GSU without speaking German, but I was able to learn and experience how great and varied the German culture really is and had the best semester I could ever have wished for. I would definitely recommend it to everyone.