University of Florida Sport Management students @ Women Leaders in College Sports National Convention (Atlanta, GA)

October 14-16, 2018

Here are their testimonials:

Women Leaders in College Sports convention was SO empowering. I met so many women who had inspiring stories. I got to learn about different areas in college athletics and that every single women in that room had a common purpose…Student Athletes. I am so glad I attended right as I’m about to dive into my internship and graduate. It has given me perspective, motivated me, and empowered me. A key takeaway was the importance of building meaningful relationships and that somehow everyone is connected.  (Melissa S.)

 The Women Leaders in College Sports National Convention was an incredible opportunity to connect with women leaders in the industry at every stage in their career. It was extremely empowering to be surrounded by 1,000 other women who shared the same passion: serving student-athletes. I was able to make meaningful connections with women in college athletics who are committed to paving the way for other women in the field, lifting others up as they rise. The broad range of panels and speakers allowed you to tailor your convention experience to your own passions and interests, while also learning more about other areas of college athletics. I left the National Convention eager to take the next steps in my career and build upon all of the connections I have made. I would highly recommend the Women Leaders in College Sports National Convention to anyone who has the opportunity to attend, and I will definitely be coming back for years to come. (Jaime M.)

 The Women Leaders in College Athletics Conference was one of the most eye-opening experiences of my life. It was the first time in my life where I attended a conference and truly felt like I never stopped learning. From incredible keynote speakers like Diana Nyad, Jennifer Palmieri and Ibtihaj Muhammad sharing their empowering stories, to female coaches and administrators from all backgrounds taking the time to give the inside scoop about how they are making a difference at every level of college athletics. Outside of the different breakout sessions, I had the opportunity to build genuine relationships with aspiring and current athletic administrators, coaches, and female leaders representing a myriad of professions that aid the industry as a whole. Finally, I can say without a shadow of a doubt that this is an organization in which I plan to be a contributing member of for the rest of my life, and I will absolutely be a returning attendee to the National Convention for the years to come. The future is bright, empowering, and filled with women making a difference in leadership roles.  (Megan K.)

 The Women Leaders Conference was phenomenal! I truly enjoyed it! It was a great learning experience with the different break out sessions. I think my favorite session was the panel of men that were discussing how they were actively helping women in the industry. It is nice to see that everyone has support to meet their goals when there are people in your corner to help you. All the men stressed how important it is to be intentional and be your authentic self. Also, when you are looking for someone to mentor both the mentor and the mentee need to be vulnerable to allow a relationship of complete trust. I also, enjoyed the last conference of the day on Tuesday, it was about women who supervise male coaches.  They taught us to own the room when we walk into the situation. Come in with shoulders back and head held high, then the coaches and the team members will respect you. Also, as a female we need to know the sport and be an extension of the coaching staff.  Make sure that you are always honest with them from the start! It is also very important to adjust how you deal with the coaches based off their personalities. I met several wonderful women in the industry and will be following up with some of them about potential internship sites this week. If there are students that have the funds to attend, I would certainly encourage them to go next October to Phoenix. It is expensive but the relationships that you can build in a few short days are well worth it. I hope this was the type of summary that you were looking for, if not let me know and I will expand it to include other information that you want. (Anna R.)