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When people think of professional documents, the resume is typically the first to come to mind. Often people will find a template online, and simply fill in their experiences. However, the resume is a critical tool to tell your story...and it is most effective when it's intentionally crafted to concisely communicate your most relevant accomplishments.

Cover Letter

Nearly always coupled with the resume, the cover letter is another common tool we use to tell our story. It's common to see experiences from a resume simply repeated on a cover letter. While this doesn't hurt a job/internship seeker, an opportunity is missed to leverage the full potential of the cover letter to add a personal layer to your narrative.


Elevator Pitch

In nearly every initial interaction, at some point the person will say to you, "Tell me about yourself." This is our cue to deliver our elevator pitch. A well-crafted elevator pitch that highlights a relevant accomplishment and lays the foundation for you to be memorable can make a dramatic impact on the impression you make.

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LinkedIn is not only an important tool as we develop our personal brand, but it is also a valuable resource as we work to build professional relationships. You don't need to be an expert, but there are a few simple tools and strategies that will allow you to take advantage of LinkedIn as a tool and resource.

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Informational Interviews / Networking

Effective networking is not an impersonal exchange of business cards. Instead, it is the intentional building of relationships...and one strategy to initiate the relationship-building process is the informational interview. This interaction is not the time "sell yourself," instead, it is an opportunity to ask good questions that demonstrate your professional relevance and coachability.

Job / Internship Interview

Few experiences cause as much stress as an interview. However, if we re-frame an interview as an opportunity for you and the organization to evaluate "fit," our strategies to prepare for the interact change. The key to preparing for a successful interview is effectively crafting compelling stories about your experiences relevant to the organization and open position.

Conference Preparation

A conference is a tremendous opportunity to connect face-to-face with industry professionals. However, preparation is critical to maximizing your time at a conference. Fewer, high quality conversations are more valuable than a large number of superficial interactions.